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Cutting Edge Technology for Body Sculpting

There are several procedures available to help people get rid of those last few inches of body fat. Liposuction is still available but not still popular because it is invasive. That means down time for recovery, pain, risk of infection, and possible scarring. There are many body contouring options that are minimally or non-invasive so people tend to select those alternatives.

It is important to understand that non-invasive procedures are not designed to get rid of large amounts of fat. The candidates for these type of fat reduction methods are those who are in very good physical shape. They eat healthy, exercise regularly, and are seeking to lose one to three inches off their waists or abdomens. The options that are new and non-invasive are not for overweight people.


The latest cutting edge technology is marketed under the name of Vanquish and is only found in select offices and dermatology centers. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically for the waist and abdomen areas of the body. The machine does not come in direct contact with the skin ever. This breakthrough eliminates skin irritations, any risk of scarring or burning, and any possibility of infection.

Radio frequency is the key to this procedure. That is the means by which fat cells are destroyed. Once heated to 120 degrees fat cells dissipate and are flushed out of the body naturally and gradually. Sessions are thirty-minutes each and four to six sessions are recommended at one week intervals. People may feel a warm sensation and experience redness on the skin surface, but either of those last only a short time.

Other Benefits

Radio frequency is targeted deep into the skin to destroy cells. There is no damage to any surrounding tissue and zero down time involved. People resume regular activities right after a session so many schedule them during lunch breaks. Hydration is essential for maximum results so drink extra water before and after each session. People can visit for complete details of this technology.

In addition to procedures for body contouring, many other treatments, procedures, and surgeries are offered by world-renowned, Board certified dermatologists. Consultations, most free of charge, are required before any procedures take place. A dermatologist with listen to desired results, assess the situation, and provide pricing details for all recommendations. Go to CLDerm today to schedule a consultation. Experience cutting edge technology now to have the body you have worked for so hard.


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